How to Join

With Hub-Co Credit Union, you’ll also find other consumer financial services to help you secure a financially sound future.
To find out more, ask a credit union representative how you can benefit from the financial services offered through the credit union.

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Why Join The Hub-Co Credit Union?

Your credit union wants to help you meet your financial goals.  Savings plans available usually pay dividends or interest that is comparable to, or better than, the interest paid on savings accounts offered at other financial institutions.
Only members can borrow from the credit union.   Credit unions traditionally have been the best place to get a loan.  Interest rates are usually lower than those offered by other lenders and since credit unions consider one’s character as well as collateral, it is often easier to get a credit union loan.

Membership Policy

Membership of this credit union shall consist of and be limited to employees of Roquette America and the Keokuk Community School District, and their immediate families.  The immediate family consists of the wife or husband, sons, daughters, step-sons, step-daughters, grandparents, grandchildren, step-grandchildren, foster children, adopted children, father, mother, father-in-law, mother-in-law, step-father, step-mother, brothers and sisters of the primary member’s spouse, and organizations and businesses recommended by the primary member and approved by the board of directors.  (Note: Keokuk Community School Employees Credit Union merged into The Hub-Co Credit Union, effective February 1, 2007)